If I have learnt anything since launching 4 months ago, it is that nothing is more satisfying than seeing an idea turn into a reality.

As with our bodies, we all have an idea of what we want to look like – a vision, if you like. If you had asked me back in August “how much do you think you can achieve in 4 months”, I would have never have envisaged what we achieved so far; over a million hits, a strong Facebook and Twitter following, interviews with some of the top fitness models and athletes in the industry, as well as networking and affiliating with some of the top companies in the industry.

However, when I alongside Jonny, set out on this venture, we told ourselves that despite its appeal, will someday be part of a bigger plan – and that day is fast approaching. More after the cut.

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Yesterday evening, we gave you a teaser of a separate, albeit related, venture that we’re working on.

If you have been following me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that in some of my tweets, I include the hashtag #LIMITLESS. Some of you have asked me why I do this, while others have even claimed to know why – ha, nice try!

The hashtag is an allusion to an upcoming project that we, alongside others, have been working on. Titled LIMITLESS, our aim is to now bridge the gap between health, fitness and lifestyle by creating a platform that appeals to a larger audience – something that our current branding has restricted us from doing.

But here’s the exciting part: accessible from, we will publish our content via a website and an Emagazine – both of which will be free!

So what will happen to

Like with all major sites, LIMITLESS will also have a blog, which in this case will be It’s worth mentioning, however, that while will continue to be a personal account of our on goings, LIMITLESS on the other hand will publish more journalism-style content. Therefore, expect interviews, guest posts, product reviews, event coverage with play-by-play commentary – anything and everything that we believe will inform and inspire you to achieve your goals in life, not just in health and fitness, but elsewhere too.

As you can see, we have set ourselves a mammoth task. Making the transition from a health and fitness blog, to a health, fitness and lifestyle “hub” is not an easy one – even if it is only an extra word!

At present, we’re slap-bang in the middle of designing a brand-new website for LIMITLESS – and I have to say, it looks amazing. Architecturally speaking, LIMITLESS in three/four times larger than; hard work, but I guess my excitement is the only thing keeping me going!

So, we’re now looking to expand our team…

… And are looking for the following: a tech blogger/writer, a style and grooming blogger/writer, a money and enterprise blogger/writer and a music blogger/writer, who will collectively head up our lifestyle section for both the website and Emagazine. Ideally, all candidates should have a sound knowledge of their field, an eye for detail, as well as flair for writing – all very clichéd job application-type words, I know, but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it. Most importantly, we’re looking for fun, energetic people, who are not afraid to contribute ideas – however whacky they may be! If this sounds like you, then please get in touch via our contact form with the subject “Writing for LIMITLESS”. Alternatively, you can email me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, eat well, train hard and stay healthy! Oh, and I’ll leave you with some teasers of our magazine cover! Credit to our very talented graphic designer, Finn Harries, for helping us come up with the branding for this project. You can contact him by clicking here.