Amer “THE HAMMER” Kamra│Interview

Such an inspiration.

Exactly a week ago, Amer Kamra joined an elite few by becoming one of the top 10 fitness models in the world via the 2011 WBFF World Fitness Model Championships. Nicknamed “The Hammer”, I can see why! He is nailing the fitness model scene!

Not only is Amer in incredible shape, but he’s also down-to-earth too! Many people have this preconception that models are airheads – not this guy! Believe me when I tell you that Amer is both focused and driven, with an acute vision to develop and expand his fitness empire, Hammer Fitness.

I knew that I had to catch up with him after the World Championships, and I did. Interview after the cut!

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The Interview

1. First and foremost, congratulations on becoming one of the top 10 fitness models in the world! On your website, you explain how around this time last year, you hit rock bottom. Could you tell our readers how health and fitness became your salvation?

  • Working out is for everybody, the rich, the poor, no matter your circumstance in life, we are all able to build a good physique because the only one factor is hardwork!  Hard work is something money cannot buy. A good physique is one that money cannot buy! I decided I was at the bottom of life, and there would be nowhere else to go except upwards.

2. I noticed that on your website, you have a before and after section – and I have to say, some of your client’s have made inspiring transformations. So, what advice would you give to someone looking to get in shape and moreover, transform their lives?

  • Belief is #1. Before you spend money on a trainer, a gym membership, supplements, you must believe in yourself, and believe that you can and WILL transform your body. If you doubt yourself it will never happen. Transform your mind and your body will follow.

3. How did it feel to compete with the “best of the best” at this year’s WBFF World Championships? Did you ever anticipate that you would place in the top 10?

  • I knew I would place top 10 because I envisioned it and worked my butt off for months to make it happen. I did not enter the show “hoping” to do well. I entered with it set in my mind that I would place top 10, while making it a learning experience so I know what to expect in 2012.

4. In a recent post, I explained how there is an overreliance on supplementation within the health and fitness community – many people believe that supplements are the be all and end all. What’s your take on supplementing?

Supplements are exactly what the word means – SUPPLEMENT; it is used additionally to something you are already doing. The problem is that people use supplements as dependants. Also, I do not recommend fat loss or muscle building supplements. Instead, I recommend whey protein, casein protein, fish oil, BCAA and that’s it!

5. Our readers are dying to know, what kind of diet do you follow to get cut in the months leading up to a competition?

  • I love food, and I love experimenting with various recipes. I use an array of spices and herbs to really dress up and flavour the foods. For the most part, the majority of my caloric intake comes from low glycemic complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, rice cakes. I eat a lot of carbohydrates because the high intensity level of my workouts, and to maintain my muscle mass while dieting.I do not eat beef, but I do eat white fish, chicken, ground turkey, whey, and casein protein for my protein sources. For my fat sources I eat nuts (almonds, cashews, and peanuts), olive oil, and fish oil. I only consume single-ingredient foods.I do not consume packaged foods, as these contain additives, preservatives and other bonding agents that are used to process the food, usually with additional unwanted calories. I drink water religiously with lemon in it to keep my body from entering an acidic state. I do not count my calories. I eat on an instinctive basis, as my workouts and lifestyle change daily as far as the amount of calories I burn, so I am constantly adapting to ensure I am in a caloric deficit. If I feel full, I will not eat even though my next meal is due to be consumed. I listen to my body and the signals it gives!

6. What’s your opinion on programs like Jersey Shore bringing the idea of “gymming” or “GTL” into the mainstream? Is partying like they do while staying/getting in shape a realistic approach?

  • They are not in good shape physically, mentally, or from a health stand point. My take on fitness is that you must actually be healthy to look healthy, or what is the point? People that use drugs to get fit, or drink alcohol constantly are not healthy people, sure they may have abs, but that to me is not healthy.

7. At, we love motivational quotes. What’s yours?

  • “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

8. Finally, what does “The Hammer” have in store for his fans and followers over the next year? Will we see you again at the 2012 WBFF World Championships?

    • I have already started training mode for the 2012 WBFF world championships, this time aiming for the world title. I have a few projects at the moment such as opening my studio in downtown Toronto, and expanding my business Hammer Fitness. I also plan to deliver much more video footage, of my nutrition, training and lifestyle to help educate others as much as I can.

End of interview.

I’m sure you’ll all agree, there are many takeaway points from Amer’s interview. For me, it would be the point he made about carbohydrates. I remember in the latter stages of my last diet/training program, I cut back on carbs drastically; although my body fat levels lessened, so too did my muscle mass. When I train, its balls to the wall. Therefore, drastically reducing my carbs is a mistake that I must learn from, as is too much cardio. Bear in mind, I weighed in at 154lbs/69.7kg at the end of my previous program. My aim this time is to weigh in at around 172lbs/78kg this time – a net improvement of 18lbs/8.3kg!

Since the 31st August, I have dropped from 84.4kg to 82.7kg – a loss of 1.3kg/3.7lbs. While some of this weight may be water; muscle wise, I can feel/see myself getting smaller.

So, I’m going to rewire my diet and cardio program accordingly to accommodate my needs. I’ll make sure that I update you on this ASAP.

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